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Through nearly a year of hard work, at the end of September. Arito decided to organize a trip to relieve stress and summarize the activities of the third quarter of 2018. After a time of discussion and choice of location, Can Gio is a place where everyone believes in! The whole plan of the vacation is done by Google search expert CuongNV.


Can Gio is a coastal district located in the southeast of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, about 50 km from the center. With this distance, we decided to travel by motorbike. At 6:30 am, all the cars gathered at the meeting point and departed right after receiving the announcement from the Chairman of the Board: “My house has just gone now, please drive your wife and children. You guys go ahead!


After more than 2 hours while driving while resting for breakfast. We arrived at Ky Nam Resort, a resort with beautiful and cool view, very suitable for resort. We spent the first day to explore Thanh An island and its cuisine. It must be said that the seafood here is quite cheap and delicious, eating and drinking. You can choose by yourself the fresh raw shrimp, crabs, snails … for the chef to process. However, all the above advantages for someone who cannot eat seafood are me!


A funny story on the first day: Arito we go out with family, relatives, friends and unfortunately 3 people are not with anyone. The couples stigmatized the 3 of us all hiccup: the car also went separately, the 3 of us had a separate table. The pain was cut, the 3 brothers did not know what to do but eat a lot to compensate for the mental loss.

One day rolling and eating freely, everyone was tired at night and rested early. Miss out on the “Fun with prizes” category – the most anticipated program on every trip.

Day 2 is a day dedicated to collective activities. We organized team building and took commemorative photos. The first photos are full of members.

One of the most important activities of the holiday is the Board meeting. The meeting lasted quite a long time (nearly 3 hours), and if it weren’t for Sony to rescue, the team would have fainted from hunger.


Also because of the long time, the Board of Directors has set out the initial goals set out: summarizing activities, implementation in the past time and planning for the coming years, as well as ways to make it come true. We all agreed and told ourselves we will try our best for this goal.

Let’s look forward to the next trip of the Arito family!

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